Jupiter Traders Logo

The Jupiter Trading Corporation was formed in 1994 to distribute branded products to local mines and industries.

Initially the aim was to service the local fraternity but certain requirements within the customer base created opportunities to be explored.

Investment capital was ploughed into research regarding heat stress management and general employee wellbeing.

The developing of products to address the abovementioned problems was compiled with the assistance of Gold Fields South Africa and Anglo American.

The success of the campaign was proven when employee’s lives were saved during the Kloof Gold Mine disaster in 1995.

Jupiter Traders Social Impact

Over the last decade Jupiter envisage a need within and outside our local community. Apart from giving out donations we aided numerous communities when in need.

Our aim is to assist where possible materially but endeavour to equip organisations and people in need with the necessary intellectual capital.

Jupiter Traders BEE

AQ Rate has been appointed in assisting us to comply with the necessary standard. We are currently accredited with a level 4 status.


Jupiter Traders Long Term Customer Relationships

The company understands the importance of the creation of long-term customer relationships and therefore believes in developing and fostering mutually beneficial partnerships. Over the years Jupiter strived to source or to develop tailor made products for our customers when necessary. Numerous new customers were added to our base through this mutually beneficial relationship. Fully trained marketing and administrative staff are ensuring a holistic relationship with vendors. A standard within the Jupiter Trading Group is to deliver Just-In-Time. We strive to carry the necessary stock for our customers. These systems enhance efficient inventory control and assist our vendors to carry the minimum stock.